Travel Gadget Organizer Pouch Bag | For chargers, cables, mini routers


The best travel organizer for electronics! Designed for GL.iNet mini routers. Perfect for travel, keep your devices organized.

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• Small Bag, Large Space: This bag can store 1 GL.iNet travel router, power cord, and cables. It is also available for most of the small external hard drive, small portable charger, or small power bank. GL.iNet organizer bag with elastic bands can hold the device and tighten the cables. The small mesh pocket can store any other accessories, like wireless Bluetooth earbuds, USB sticks, flash drive, SD cards, and even stationaries.
• Pack & Go: Through the carry handle, users can bring our travel accessory bag along with them cozily anytime. You can add a snap hook and it allows the travel case to cling to users’ backpack or items alike. This is particularly helpful when they are going through the security check-in in such spaces as bus stations, airports, and more. Apart from that, users can open the case effortlessly via the zips, so that they can easily take out or put in their own gadgets.
• Durable Exterior Material: Polyester Fiber with soft pad inserted. The durable material can protect the device and accessories inside. The protection from the soft pad reduces the impact of falling and shocks.
• Designed for GL.iNet Routers: GL-MIFI / GL-MV1000 (Brume) / GL-AR750S (Slate) / Mini Smart Router / GL-AR750 (Creta) / GL-USB150 (Microuter)


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