Brume-W (GL-MV1000W) Edge Computing Gateway | High-Performance VPN | 2.4GHz WiFi

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Brume-W (GL-MV1000W) is the new special edition upgrade of its predecessor, with an embedded WiFi module. An edge computing gateway for highly secure and reliable infrastructure. With its Marvell high-performance chipset, the Brume can run an impressive speeds for an excellent VPN routing experience. Pre-installed OpenWrt and supported Ubuntu allows you to develop IoT projectsAdd an extra layer to your security by enjoying the service of Tor, AdGuard Home, and Encrypted DNS with Cloudflare or NextDNS.

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• Enhanced WiFi Performance: The new special edition upgrade. Comes with an embedded WiFi module. Compatible with WiFi dongles. The best choice for you in case the integrated WiFi is not enough to match your demands.
 Small & Powerful: Extremely lightweight and portable. Powered by Marvell high-performance chipset.
• Add Extra Layer To Your Security: Tor service installed. Supports 30+ VPN services with impressive VPN speeds. AdGuard Home Supported. Encrypted DNS with Cloudflare or NextDNS.
 Built with Linux Compatibility: Supports dual open-source software operating systems – OpenWrt & Ubuntu. Allowing in-depth developments for commercial IoT projects.
• Large External Storage: Built-in MicroSD slot with 256GB capacity. Perfect for wireless file sharing.


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